Calendar and Intentions: May 2022 | All Saints Margaret Street All Saints Margaret Street | Calendar and Intentions: May 2022

Calendar and Intentions: May 2022

Thursday 28 April 2022 at 13:00




1        3rd SUNDAY OF EASTER               Parish and People                    

2        S Athanasius                                      Theologians                  

3        Feria                                                 Faith

4        The English Martyrs                          Reconciliation

5        Feria                                                 Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament

6        Feria                                                 Persecuted Christians

7        of BVM                                              Society of Mary

8        4th SUNDAY OF EASTER               Parish and People

9        Feria                                                 Our Bishops

10      Feria                                                 Preachers

11      Feria                                                 Evangelists

12      S Pancras                                           St Pancras Parishes in Camden deanery

13      OL of Fatima                                     Pilgrims

14      Of BVM (Walsingham Devotion)        Shrine of OLW

15      5th SUNDAY OF EASTER               Parish and People

16      Feria                                                 Missionaries

17      Feria                                                 Vocations to Priesthood

18      Feria                                                 Unity

19      S Dunstan                                          Archbishop of Canterbury

20      S Bernardine of Sienna                       SSF

21      Feria (Monthly Requiem)                   Faithful Departed

22      6th SUNDAY OF EASTER               Parish and People

23      Feria                                                 Women’s Ministry

24      OL Help of Christians                        Australian Christians

25      S Bede                                               Diocese of Durham

26      ASCENSION                                   Hope

27      S Augustine of Canterbury                 Province of Canterbury

28      of BVM                                              Devotion to Our Lady

29      7th SUNDAY OF EASTER                Parish and People

30      Feria                                                 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

31      Visitation BVM                                Our Walsingham Cell