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Study Days and Lectures

All Saints’ provides a range of in person study days, lectures, quiet days, outings  and retreats throughout the year as a way of helping people to grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith, and to make time and space for reflection on the Gospel.

We frequently invite a range of interesting speakers to explore with us a particular area of their expertise or knowledge. Sometimes we visit places of cultural interest and museums. We hope that by experiencing the ideas and perspectives of others we are enabled to grow in our own understanding of the horizons of God’s love for us and in our own relationship with him. Details can be found below of forthcoming events.


Parish Outing to the British Library:
Alexander the Great – Tuesday 31st January 2023.


Our next planned parish outing is to the British Library to see an exciting new exhibition focussed on Alexander the Great at 6.00 pm on Tuesday 31st January 2023.

The exhibition will look at the way in which the inheritance and legend of Alexander has been moulded and shaped by different cultures and individuals, examining objects as diverse as clay tablets, ancient papyri, medieval manuscripts and modern film.

Parishioner of All Saints’, Rachel Foss, who works at the British Library, has kindly organised for us to be met by a curator to be given a short introductory talk before seeing the exhibition. We are very grateful indeed to her for helping to organise this outing.

The British Library website says the following about the exhibition:

“He built an empire that stretched across the world. Rode across the sky on a flying chariot. And descended to the bottom of the sea in a glass bell. Or did he?

Piece together an epic tale 2,000 years in the telling. From astrological clay tablets, ancient papyri, and medieval manuscripts, to Hollywood and Bollywood movies and cutting-edge videogames, our major exhibition crosses continents to explore the fantastical stories that turned legacy into legend.

Pharaoh, prophet, philosopher. European, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures have all moulded Alexander into the fictional hero they want him to be. And today artists and storytellers alike are still trying to reimagine the man and his myth. Who was he really? You’ll have to decide for yourself.”

You can read more about the exhibition here, where the British Library has provided a series of fascinating articles about different aspects of the exhibition and the objects on display.

The cost of our trip is £15. There will be the opportunity to have a two course dinner together at 8.00 pm after our visit to the exhibition at the Pizza Express just opposite the Library on the Euston Road at £25 per head (with people paying for their own drinks). You are asked to choose your menu choices before we arrive and communicate them to the parish office when you book your ticket. The menu to choose from can be found here: Pizza Express menu.

Please be in touch with our parish office to book a ticket and make it clear whether you want a ticket for both exhibition or just the exhibition.


Lent Lecture 2023: Fruits of the Spirit
The Revd Dr Ayla Lepine – Thurs 23rd March 2023.

A new virtual exhibition devised by the National Gallery and curated by the Revd Dr Ayla Lepine called, “Fruits of the Spirit: Art From the Heart” will form the focus of our Lent Lecture on Thursday 23rd March 2023 at 7.30 pm.

The exhibition pairs nine pictures from the National Gallery’s collection with nine from partner institutions. The exhibition is inspired by Saint Paul’s description of the effects and fruits of the Spirit described in his Letter to the Galatians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

We are very pleased that the exhibition’s curator, the Revd Dr Ayla Lepine, who also works as the Associate Rector at St James’, Piccadilly, has agreed to give our Lent Lecture in March on the topic of this interesting exhibit. Ayla will explore the themes the artwork bring up, and the theological questions they prompt, and the difference that online interaction with works of art makes.

Participating organisations come from a range of new and established partnerships from locations and venues as varied as Canterbury Cathedral, The McManus Art Gallery and Museum in Dundee and The Box in Plymouth. You can read more about the exhibition in the Gallery’s press release here.

You “visit” the exhibition by clicking on the link here to enter a virtual gallery in the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.


Here is the extraordinary virtual gallery you enter and “walk” around in order to view the Fruits of the Spirit exhibition from wherever you are in the world. Each room explores a different Fruit through two juxtaposed images.


Parish outing to the National Gallery:
St Francis of Assisi – Friday 26th May 2023


On Friday 26th May 2023 at 5.30 pm, there will be a parish visit to the National Gallery to see their forthcoming exhibition on the figure of St Francis.

We are thrilled that the Director of the Gallery himself, Dr Gabriele Finaldi, has agreed to speak to our parish group about the exhibition, which he has personally curated.

As usual, the visit will be followed by dinner at Le Beaujolais restaurant for those who wish to stay on for supper.

The exhibition will bring together some the earliest devotional images of St Francis with manuscripts, relics, and modern depiction of him. Extensive loans of pictures from major collections will allow us to see a wealth of art, telling the story of the way in which St Francis has been depicted, his life received, and his reputation developed and moulded throughout the ages. You can read more on the Gallery’s website here.

The exhibition is absolutely free, and we will meet at the Gallery at 6.00 pm. Please be in touch with the parish office to book a place. The cost of dinner at Le Beaujolais will be £50. The total number we can take is capped at 20, so book early!


Director of the National Gallery, Dr Gabriele Finaldi, who has kindly agreed to address our parish group on the topic of the exhibition which he has personally curated.