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Friends of All Saints

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Dom Bernard Clements OSB, the sixth vicar, created the Friends of All Saints in the 1930s. Its purpose is to help a wider community to stay in touch with us and to support and encourage the life and mission of All Saints by prayer, companionship and giving. Friends in their turn can draw strength from the church’s daily round of sacraments and prayer and in knowing they have a spiritual home at the heart of London.

Many Friends are regular parishioners of All Saints. However, Friends also include people who are committed to the life of the church in their home parishes but worship at All Saints on special occasions or during the working week. They may be former regular worshippers who have moved away or clergy who value their link with All Saints as an inspiration in their own ministry. Many Friends live overseas and keep connected to the liturgical life of our parish through online worship.

The Friends of All Saints scheme includes several tiers of commitment and membership.

  • The first tier of the scheme is described as the Friends of All Saints’ Margaret Street. Membership of this tier costs £25 per year. The Friends of All Saints’ Margaret Street receive the Parish Paper twice a year, they are remembered at the altar by name each month during the 12 noon daily Mass, and are invited to attend a celebration of the life of the Friends on our Dedication Sunday in May each year.
  • There is a second tier of membership called the Benefactors of All Saints’. Membership of this tier is available to anyone who wishes to donate regularly at least £10 a month, or at least £120 a year to the Friends of All Saints’. “Benefactors” receive the Parish Paper, they are regularly prayed for by name at the 12 noon daily Mass. Benefactors are invited to attend a celebration of the life of the Friends on our Dedication Sunday each year to thank them for their support. They are also invited to a special buffet supper in the Vicarage each year after First Evensong of All Saints’ Day to thank them for their support.
  • Our third tier of membership is known as the Patrons of All Saints’ Margaret Street. This category exists to recognise and celebrate exceptional generosity and sacrificial giving to the Friends Scheme. Membership of this category is open to people who contribute at least £1000 per year to the Friends. “Patrons” of All Saints’ are personally thanked for their generosity each year through a lunch or dinner at All Saints’ Vicarage on a date of their convenience.

Joining the Friends within the UK
If you live in the UK and want to join the Friends, follow this donation link. It is best to choose the ‘I’d like to give regularly’ option. This can be set to make a repeat payment each year by direct debit, so that your membership is automatically renewed.

Joining the Friends if you live outside the UK
If you live outside the UK, you will probably find it easier to follow this link and pay through our Paypal account.  This is because direct debit payments from overseas accounts can cause problems. Again, it is best to select the option that makes a regular payment each year.

If you have problems or questions concerning the link above, please contact our parish office.

Our parish is so grateful for the support we have received from the Friends over so many years. The experience of COVID has shown how important it is to keep in touch with our wider family of supporters and has drawn many new people to know and love All Saints even though they do not live in London. We look forward to the Friends being a renewed way in which we can stay in touch, support each other, and keep each other in prayer.

The All Saints’ Friends Legacy Fellowship
The “Legacy Fellowship” exists to recognise and thank the generosity of people who wish to pledge a financial contribution to All Saints’ in their will. There is no upper or lower limit to the amount needed for membership – simply the assurance that provision has been made for All Saints’ in your will. Those enrolled in the All Saints’ Legacy Fellowship will be remembered at an annual requiem in perpetuity after their death. It is, of course, be possible for people who are already members of the Friends to be enrolled in this extra category. If you wish to join the Legacy Fellowship, or talk about making a gift after your death to All Saints’, please be in touch with the Vicar.