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When someone dies, the funeral is our most important opportunity to bid them farewell, give thanks for their life, and pray for their soul.

Christians bury their dead in the sure and certain hope of resurrection. On the Last Day, we will be resurrected in our bodies, and the whole of creation will be renewed as God reigns in judgement over all he has created.

A funeral is used to mark the end of a person’s life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived, commend the person into God’s keeping, and to ensure their loved one’s mortal remains are buried or cremated. Funerals can be a small, quiet liturgy or a large occasion.

Several options exist for funeral liturgies at All Saints’. The simplest form of service is a said Mass of Requiem with no music.

It is also possible to have a funeral service with congregational hymns and music accompanied on the organ. 

The All Saints’ choir is also available to sing at a more musically rich funeral celebration. It must be born in mind that having our full choir of professional musicians sing at a funeral costs a fee in the area of £2,000.

Please be in touch with the clergy if you have any questions about funerals or are trying to organise the funeral rites of a loved one. They will be pleased to speak with you.

If you are considering the arrangements for your own funeral, please make contact with any of the clergy at All Saints’, so that intentions can be written down and kept safe so that your wish as a member of the Christian Community of Faith can be respected.