Parish Meetings Sunday 18th October | All Saints Margaret Street All Saints Margaret Street | Parish Meetings Sunday 18th October

Parish Meetings Sunday 18th October

Friday 16 October 2020 at 17:28


Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting – Sunday 18th October 2020

Please refer to note From the Churchwardens in the October Parish Paper

The meetings will be held as soon as the organ voluntary ends after the 11am Sung Mass as there can be no mingling in the present circumstances; parishioners are asked to remain in their seats.

Please the agenda and minutes of the meetings in 2019, attached to this piece.

Please see various reports originally published and circulated on 4th August 2020:

The following are standing for election:

Churchwardens: Christopher Self and John Forde; both proposed by Patrick Hartley Hon PCC Treasurer and seconded by John McWhinney Hon PCC Secretary.

Parochial Church Council: Judith Mather, John McWhinney, Keith Postance and Geoffrey Woodcock; all proposed by Christopher Self and seconded by John Forde.

Deanery Synod: Janet Drake, Cedric Stephens and Frances O’Neil.