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Weekly Email – Trinity 15

Friday 23 September 2022 at 13:45


Dear friends,

As we look ahead to the autumn, I would like to draw your attention to two opportunities for fellowship and learning that will take place over the next few weeks.

The first is our planned parish outing to the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Saturday 8th October at 10.45 am.

It has been such an honour over the past two years to have the Chelsea Pensioners present in our procession for the Assumption. It will be a fascinating privilege to visit their home and learn more about its remarkable history.

We will be given a tour by one of the Pensioners who visited All Saints’ for the Assumption, and will then be shown the chapel by the Chaplain, Fr Steven Brookes. Our visit will finish with a drink in the Pensioners’ club.

Once our tour is over, those who wish can have lunch together at a local restaurant.

We are grateful to the Chelsea Pensioners for this amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes of their remarkable life together. We can only take a maximum of 20 people, so please be in touch with the parish office by email to book your place.

A second fast-approaching event is our Autumn Study Day on Thursday 20th October, focussing on the theology of the Transfiguration. The day will run from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm.

We are aiming to build on the success of our study day last year focussed on Ravenna. There will be a series of three lectures given through the day by Fr Peter and Dr Gregory Tucker, all focusing on the Transfiguration and ways in which we can interpret and live out its mystery in the world today.

Gregory Tucker is a research fellow at the University of Regensburg specialising in Byzantine and Patristic theology. He is deeply knowledgeable in the theological use of hymnography in the history of the Christian East.

Fr Peter will begin with an exposition of the biblical Transfiguration narratives and will later speak about the history of depiction of the Transfiguration. Dr Gregory Tucker will explore the Transfiguration in the light of Eastern orthodox liturgical traditions. It promises to be a very interesting day of study, reflection, and prayer.

I do hope these two events will be opportunities for us to grow in fellowship and friendship, as well as in faith and knowledge. Please put them in your diaries and join us if you are able.

Fr Peter


We were so pleased the Chelsea Pensioners were able to join us for our celebration of the Assumption this year. We look forward to visiting them on their home turf at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Saturday 8th October.


London in Bloom Gold Prize

We are pleased and proud to announce that our courtyard garden has yet again won the Gold Prize in the churchyard category of the London in Bloom competition!

We are so happy that all the hard work that goes into keeping the courtyard looking so beautiful and well tended has been recognised. We are immensely grateful to Shawn Welby-Cooke for the huge amounts of time and effort he puts into the garden. It is truly an oasis of verdant beauty and is cherished by so many local residents and workers. Thank you Shawn for all you do, and congratulations on this terrific prize!

We are so grateful to Shawn for all he does to ensure our courtyard garden in so well tended and cared for. It is the backdrop to many parish functions and is an oasis of calm for local residents and workers. Many congratulations to him for all his hard work in achieving a Gold Prize once again in the “London in Bloom” competition.


Guardian article: Josh Dolphin

The Guardian ran a fascinating story this week about All Saints’ parishioner Josh Dolphin, his former life as an absurdist comedian, the journey to faith which both he and his comedy partner Jack Chisnall took, and their increasing shared sense of priestly vocation.

It’s a really interesting piece exploring the complex interplay of faith, youth culture and post-modernity. It includes how Pusey House and All Saints’ played a role in the development of Josh’s and Jack’s sense of faith and calling.

Josh was photographed by the Guardian earlier on this week in All Saints’ and the images are included in the article. Have a read of it here.

Josh photographed by the Guardian earlier on this week.


Book Launch

All parishioners of All Saints’ are invited to the book launch of Fr Peter’s recently published academic monograph on the Transfiguration entitled, “Patristic Perspectives on the Transfiguration: Interpreting Vision.”

The launch will take place on Monday 31st October at 7.30 pm at All Saints’ Church. It will follow First Evensong and Benediction of All Saints’ Day, which will take place at 6.30 pm and will include a drinks party.


A huge thank you to our wonderful serving team for all they have done over the past two weeks to sustain a number of very moving extra liturgies during the period of National Mourning. We are very grateful to them for all they have contributed to our commemoration of the Queen’s life and the Requiems we have offered for her soul.


Organ Recitals at All Saints’

Organ recitals for the year ahead are as follows:

October 2nd, 2022: Jeremiah Stephenson (Associate Director of Music)
November 20th, 2022: Andrew Dewar (American Cathedral in Paris)
January 29th, 2023: Jeremiah Stephenson (Associate Director of Music)
May 28th, 2023: Stephen Farr (Director of Music)
August 13th, 2023: Hamish Wagstaff (Organ Scholar)


In Sunday’s sermon, Fr Julian explored the question of what our final destination in this life is. As we give thanks for the Queen’s life of service, we pray that God, the origin and end of all that is, will welcome her into his heavenly presence. Watch again here.


Join the Friends of All Saints’

If you would like to support the life of our parish and perhaps live at some distance from London, join the Friends of All Saints’, Margaret Street. We would particularly encourage our online worshippers to consider this as a way of contributing to the life of All Saints’.

The purpose of the Friends is to help a wider community to stay in touch with us and to support the mission of All Saints’ by prayer, companionship and giving. Friends, in their turn, draw strength from the church’s daily round of sacraments and prayer, and in knowing they have a spiritual home at the heart of London.

The new-look Parish Paper is the journal of the Friends of All Saints’. It is published twice a year, full of interesting articles and news, and is posted directly to the Friends.

More details about the Friends and how to join can be found here.

Join the Friends of All Saints’ to support the life and mission of Our Parish.


Next Online Zoom Theology

Our next online Zoom seminar will take place on Tuesday 15th November at 7.00 pm, and will be led by Fr Steve Rice, Rector of St Timothy’s Church, Winston-Salem. Many will remember Fr Steve’s visit to our parish earlier on this year. His talk will be entitled, “Christ and the Aliens: what would be the theological consequence of discovering life exists beyond our world?”

Fr Steve will address the fascinating question of what difference it would make to Christian theology to discover we are not the only life forms in the universe.

This is not a new topic and many ancient writers have pondered the question. Fr Steve will draw on theologians such as Vorilong, Baronius, and Sinistrari to tease open the intriguing questions this poses for our account of what it means to be human in the light of the Gospel.

Zoom link for the seminar can be found on our parish website here.


Links for Sunday

The links for the livestream and service sheet for this Sunday’s High Mass are at the end of this email.

Evensong and Benediction is at 6pm on Sunday. The music includes Gounod’s Virgo singularis and Benediction hymns by Gounod and Franck.


Prayer list

The sick

Fr. Harry Hodgetts, Elizabeth Lyon, James Shrimpton, Gloria Fleming, David Craig, Martin Berka, Ligorio Pinto, James Rodger, Amanda Barrett, Michelle McCue

The faithful departed

Her Majesty the Queen, Grenfell Prince, David Robin, Mary Chote

Anniversaries of death

September 25th – Eric King, Irene Bevan
26th – Evelyne Steele, Mickaël Charbonneau, Lilian Exten, Lynn Evans
27th – Sister Mary OHP
28th – Marjorie Gaskell, Evan Windham, Mark Bushby
29th – Alfred Davis
30th – Jack Minnett, Leslie Thomas, Brenda Kirk, John Shand Pr.
October 1st – Edith Fricker, Alice Sexton, Edward Grant

The Friends of All Saints’

September 25th – Greg Round, Mary Sherred, Fr. Peter Simpson, Ingrid Slaughter, Gwynedd Sooke, Richard and Louise Stallwood
26th – Jason Stewart, Ian & Veronica Summers, Sebastian Taite-Ellis, Andrew Thompson, Pat Thompson
27th – Charles Thomson, James Thomson, Jeremy Thorp, Daniel Turner, Christine Vaughn Lillie
28th – Sam Walsh, Christopher Walsh, Christopher Waterhouse, Philip Wayne, Fr. Benjamin Weitzmann
29th – Michael Westcott, James White, Matthew Whittaker, Tim Widdowfield, David Wilcox, Ian Wilson
30th – Juliet Windham, Philip Wood, Martin Woods, Martin Wooley, David Wright, Fr. John Wylam
October 1st – Mark Allan, Martin Amherst-Lock, Bryan Anderson, Mary Attenborough, Stephen Attenborough, Richard Ayling
2nd – James Babington Smith, Ruth Baker, Stephen Barber, Fr. Roger Beck, Joy Blacklock


Service times this week

Saturday 24th September – Our Lady of Walsingham
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Vigil Mass of Sunday

Sunday 25th September – Trinity 15
11.00 am High Mass
5.15 pm Low Mass
6.00 pm Evensong and Benediction

Monday 26th September – Feria
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Mass

Tuesday 27th September – St. Vincent de Paul
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Mass

Wednesday 28th September – Feria
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Mass

Thursday 29th September – St. Michael and All Angels
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Mass

Friday 30th September – St. Jerome
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Mass

Saturday 1st October – St. Teresa of the Cross
12.00 noon Mass
6.15 pm Vigil Mass of Sunday

Sunday 25th September – Trinity 16
11.00 am High Mass
5.15 pm Low Mass
6.00 pm Evensong and Benediction