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Weekly Email – Lent 3

Friday 5 March 2021 at 13:45

All Saints Weekly Email: Lent 3

Dear Friends,

Sunday’s first reading from Exodus describes the giving of the ten commandments to Moses. This code, at the core of God’s relationship with his people as the Exodus story unfolds, despite its archaisms (idols, oxen and asses etc), remains a foundational document for us. Some of our Anglican ancestors even placed the commandments on either side of the altar, replacing statues and paintings with text in an unconsciously ironic new form of potential idolatry. The scriptures, being a conversation between God and his people, can’t be reduced to an object, as they seem to be when sworn on in a courtroom or waved about in public by Donald Trump.

Jesus himself points to the lively fluidity of the divine / human conversation. Asked about the ‘greatest commandment’ he deftly summarises: love of God and love of our neighbour as ourselves. Some Jewish scholars have debated the irreducible core of the commandments and concluded that ‘I am the Lord your God’, or even just ‘I am’ is sufficient.

If we read the commandments thoughtfully, discarding fundamentalist literalism, we can have our own conversation with them. We quickly understand that we are exhorted to the acknowledgement of God as the one God and to taking seriously what that means: facing reality and seeking truth, practising humility, creating space for rest and seeking to quiet our busyness, respecting age, prioritising honesty and fidelity, refusing to kill and steal. Jesus’ anger in clearing the Temple is sometimes seen as a response to the loss of these priorities (though, as I’ll be saying on Sunday, that is probably not the main point of his intervention).

God has given the Commandments, the Law, the Prophets and Jesus his Son, that we might know and enter upon the Way, the Truth and the Life. That, even more clearly than our Lord’s summary, reveals our faith to be an organic and dynamic process, a new sort of covenant which is not a written code, ‘for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life’ (2 Corinthians 3.6). This is about real life, life with the quality of eternity, rather than a box-ticking exercise. When we are called to account for how we have spent our lives, whom and how much we have loved and how we affected the world, we won’t be able to plead ignorance.

May this Sunday’s Eucharist further our growth in the family of God, who gives us not just a written code, but also, in the sacramental life of Christ’s Body, the courage and strength to live out what lies behind God’s conversation with us in a world which needs that dialogue more than ever.

With best wishes

Fr Michael


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